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    Glass Roof Verandas

    As we all know, the weather in the United Kingdom can be unpredictable, but a glass roof veranda can completely transform a patio, deck or garden area, giving you a place to spend time no matter how bad the weather gets. With a glass roof veranda, you can create a bridge between your inside and outside space.

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    Do you want a high-quality veranda for your home? We can turn your dream veranda into a reality, with our stylish range of powder-coated aluminium framed glass roof verandas, we can create a safe and secure environment for both you and your family.

    The Outdoor Living Group has custom made glass roof verandas for a wide variety of different outdoor living options in the whole of South East England and surrounding areas. Why not give us a call on 01737 570020 or email info@theoutdoorlivinggroup.com to book a free site survey today?

    What is a Glass Roof Veranda?

    A glass roof veranda provides a large, open, outdoor space protected from the elements by a roof made almost entirely of glass. The veranda is usually connected to the main house, but with no walls. Glass roof verandas are one of the most stylish additions for a house.

    A veranda is an option you should seriously consider if you’re thinking about making your house more inviting and increasing your capacity to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather deteriorates! Get in touch with us at The Outdoor Living Group to discuss your plans.

    What are our Glass Roof Verandas made from?

    All of our glass roof verandas are constructed with a powder-coated aluminium frame and tempered glass panels. We offer several colours from the top line manufacturers in the European market.

    What are the components of our glass room veranda?

    The components of our glass roof veranda consist of three major parts: the support system, the glazing and the weather barrier.

    Our glass roof veranda construction can be configured in a number of ways to achieve different degrees of openness and transparency or to maximise solar exposure on one side while shielding it from view from the opposite side.

    What Makes Our Glass Roof Veranda Different?

    What makes glass roof verandas from the Outdoor Living Group different?

    Our attention to detail is meticulous. Each and every one of our products has been designed to the best of standards.

    Our all-glass roof verandas are stunning pieces of design, unlike anything you’ve seen before — boasting an almost complete sightline, allowing you to appreciate the view for what it is. Below are features that make our glass roof verandas unique.

    Modular Expandable

    Unlike a fixed design, our modular system allows you to extend your veranda right around your building, should you choose to. In addition, you can create the perfect balance of shade and light by adding or removing units as needed. You don’t need to do it all at once!

    Unlike a fixed design, our modular system allows you to continue the veranda right around your building. In addition, you can create the perfect balance of shade and light by adding or removing units as needed. You don’t need to do it all at once!

    Custom Colour Options

    The Outdoor Living Group glass roof verandas are available in a wide array of colours to suit any residential home. Choose from over 80 colours in varying opacities and lighting effects that can be used in any combination on the glass panels or aluminium frames.

    Our Glass Verandas undergo a complex powder coating process that produces an exceptionally durable paint finish, immune to fading, scratching and chipping, and maintaining good looks throughout their lifetime. So if you want to add some colour to your patio, get in touch with us today on 01737 570020 or email info@theoutdoorlivinggroup.com!

    Clear or Tinted Glass

    Coloured glazing adds a touch of colour to your glass roof veranda, changing the way you experience your home, as well as offering more privacy. The Outdoor Living Group has verandas with different glazing options and you can choose from clear as well as a range of white, green, blue, orange and smoked glass options.

    Your coloured glass roof veranda can be made to blend with the rest of your house, or it can stand out as a feature just like a bay window or loggia.

    Multiple Glass Veranda Shapes

    When it comes to glass roof verandas, its the shape of the radius which makes all the difference. Features that make units from our brand unique include a range of shapes and sizes with an ideal depth/height ratio including trapezoid forms, for tapering walls, and even free-standing verandas for installation away from the house.

    Over the years, the Outdoor Living Group has continued to fine-tune our design and construction processes to offer something truly special.

    Weinor Series

    The Weinor series of glass top roof veranda systems from the Outdoor Living Group will make your eyes smile. The contemporary design is adjustable to fit a wide variety of architectural styles, but they don’t just look good, Weinor glass verandas, with their superior insulation capabilities and full-frame structural design, are as strong as the best wood structures.

    Integral Rainwater System

    Roof verandas from the Outdoor Living Group are unique in that they have an integral rainwater collection system. The front support beam of our glass roof verandas is designed to deal with the weight of the roof while leaving space for a secret drainage pipe, taking the rainwater down to the ground.

    Side Screens & Privacy Screens

    For those interested in advanced options, our glass roof verandas can be customised to feature up to four side screens and a bottom privacy screen. This provides outstanding protection from the sun and weather while also offering greater privacy, and is great for entertaining or keeping an eye on children playing outside. Side screens and privacy screens let you adjust the amount of atmosphere you want to share with passers-by.

    Integrated LED Lights

    Our integrated, adjustable LED lights allow for perfect downlighting and ambient lighting to illuminate your outdoors. These lights also provide excellent long-range illumination of the pathway leading to your home.

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    Bespoke Roof Sculpting

    It is an exciting new concept in verandas where clear, safety glass roofs are sculpted to resemble the roofline of each individual property. Constructed as part of the roofing system, the Outdoor Living Group’s exclusive glass roof veranda systems add a distinctive and beautiful focal point to any home without detracting from the architecture. We are known for providing precision fittings, while others tend to cut corners. Browse through our gallery of stunning bespoke roof sculpture designs, which showcase a number of different styles of veranda glass roofs. You can even sketch your own.

    Remote Control

    Designed with the customers’ complete satisfaction and comfort in mind, glass roof verandas from the Outdoor Living Group can be made to feature a remote control that allows you to control the roof features such as its sun blind shade, spotlights and vertical screen by turning it on or off from the comfort of your patio chair.

    As you can see, there are just so many features that make out glass roof verandas standout. Want one for your home? Get started by requestion a quote here.

    Special Custom Brackets

    The Outdoor Living Group has a unique approach to the customised veranda design and construction for each individual client. Our custom engineered brackets enable installation virtually anywhere, even where clients have thought their house not suitable for glass roof verandas.

    What are the Benefits of Glass Roof Veranda from the Outdoor Living Group?

    The answer is easy. If you plan to spend less time indoors and more time enjoying the fresh air, a glass roof veranda from the Outdoor Living Group is just what you need. It lets in lots of light and offers you plenty of extra space for entertaining or for moving around. Below are more benefits why you should install a glass roof veranda in your home.

    Increases the space in your home

    Installing a glass roof veranda allows you to add so much extra space to your home. This creates an extra room, can take over an existing unusable area or adds design features that you love but cannot fit into your home.

    Say goodbye to nights of staring at walls, glass roof verandas from the Outdoor Living Group will triple your living space and allow you to gaze up at the stars.

    Call us today on 01737 570020 or email info@theoutdoorlivinggroup.com to discuss how we can provide a beautiful glass roof veranda to enhance the space in your home.

    Lets you enjoy the view of nature

    Glass roof verandas from the Outdoor Living Group offer you an exceptional view of nature from the comfort of your home. Glass roof verandas are designed for outdoorsy homeowners.

    Let in more natural light than a solid roof veranda

    A glass roof veranda is a great addition to any home and will let in more natural light than a solid roof veranda or a canvas awning. Keep your home light and airy while adding outdoor living space.

    Make your house a more beautiful place to be

    Have you ever thought about how beautiful your house could be? Make your house even more awesome with a glass roof veranda, which boasts spectacular views or looks great with a bit of furniture, decor, LED lighting and music speakers installed. The Outdoor Living Group has a special veranda for you! Call us today!

    Verandas offer flexibility of design, allowing them to fit in any space

    Verandas are an attractive and affordable way to increase living space. It’s also a simple and quick process, transforming any space into outside living. Plus, our glass roof verandas are custom-built, so your own can be tailor-made to fit your needs and tastes.

    Transform the look and feel of your home as you also take over your space.

    Request a free, no-obligation site survey to get started.

    How Much is Our Glass Roof Veranda?

    In order to provide you with a quote specific to your needs, our qualified surveyor will visit your property to take relevant measurements and discuss your requirements.

    The survey is free and will give us the information required to produce a design and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

    Why Should You Hire Us for Your Glass Roof Veranda Installation?

    Our bespoke glass roof verandas not only look amazing but are the perfect way to create an extra room, or simply a covered terrace, for all seasons of the year.  Our glass roof verandas are designed from a high-quality powder-coated aluminium section with integrated rainwater guttering and downpipes. They’re easy to clean and maintain, providing winter warmth too.

    Also, choosing us means choosing a company that believes in exceptional customer service and high-level service delivery. We promise to listen to you and deliver a completely bespoke outdoor living space designed to your needs, lifestyle or situation demands.

    We’re committed to delivering the best selection of stylish glass roof veranda for you at the right price. We can cover any part of your home that would not otherwise be usable, such as your back garden, garage roof, or patio.

    We fit, repair and replace glass roof verandas and their associated components in the whole of South East England. We can provide a service wherever you are in South East England, including Surrey, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Greater London and neighbouring counties.

    Just give us a call on 01737 570020 or email info@theoutdoorlivinggroup.com and we will be right away to assess your request.

    We can’t wait to hear from you.


    Do you need planning permission for a glass roof veranda?

    Not all glass roof verandas in the UK require planning permission, but there are some cases where you’ll need to speak to your local council about it. Each council has their own guidelines for this kind of application. In general, if you want a large glass area over your current rooftop, or if you’re adding substantial depth and load-bearing materials, then you’ll most likely have to ask your council before any work begins.

    Does a veranda add value?

    Yes, a veranda adds value. Verandas function as outdoor living rooms, providing the perfect venue for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying fresh air during the warmer months of the year and when temperatures drop you can add in extra insulation and heating to keep you cosy. A veranda can also serve as an extension of your living area, so it’s like adding another room to your home.

    Are glass roof verandas good?

    Simply put, yes. Glass roofed verandas are a great way to enjoy your deck and garden. Verandas made from glass give you a view of the stars while you enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening. When it comes to a good view, more light, and natural airflow, glass tops the list every time.

    What’s the difference between veranda and pergola?

    There are a number of differences between verandas and pergolas, but in the end, it all comes down to looking for a relaxing area outside of your home. Verandas, by definition, are open structures, usually with columns or posts supporting the roof. They are essentially a covered porch with some shade.

    Pergolas are similar but typically not as open and have fewer columns supporting the roof. Instead, they have a lighter side frame structure that utilises columns only on one or more sides to provide support along the perimeter of the structure.

    Can a veranda be used all year round?

    With a glass roof veranda, the answer is a resounding “yes.” By maximising natural light on darker days and protecting indoor spaces from direct sunlight on very hot days, a glass roof veranda opens up your home to year-round use.