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Weinor Glass Rooms & Glass Verandas

Weinor German Manufacture of Outdoor Living Products

Weinor is a German Outdoor Living Goods manufacturer located in Cologne, Germany. For products and designs such as Garden Awnings, Glass Verandas and Glass Spaces, Weinor is the market leader. They are well renowned for delivering desirable goods at top quality. Weinor uses an R&D team who work towards bringing creative ideas to the market. They are always searching for new outdoor living ideas for people to enjoy.

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Authorised Weinor dealers of Glass Verandas and Glass Rooms

The Outdoor Living Group are licenced dealers in Weinor Glass Verandas, Glass Rooms and awnings for pergolas and patios. For many years we have been collaborating with Weinor. We are recognised as one of the leading Weinor retailers here in the UK. In the past, we sold many diverse ranges of outdoor living products. We found that the Weinor Glass Rooms and Glass Verandas were by far the best systems when looking at construction, reliability and product design improvements.

Over the years, we have developed an excellent working relationship with Weinor. This means that we are proud to call ourselves the number one distributor for their goods in the Uk. So if you’re searching for Glass Verandas, Glass Garden rooms and spaces, patio awnings or textile pergolas, then the Outdoor Living Group has the skills and dedication to find the innovative Weinor glass product that you need.

Authorised Weinor dealers of Glass Verandas and Glass Rooms

Weinor Glass Verandas

Terrazza Originale and Terrazza plus are the names of our Weinor Glass Veranda range. The Terrazza Originale is a custom made glass veranda. It has sharp defined lines and uses a versatile style of glass that can be used in industrial and residential circumstances. The Terrazza Originale uses built-in drainage and runoff to disperse rainwater through internal drains built within the post. We let you choose between 56 different colours for the frame of our Weinor Glass Verandas.

The Terrazza Plus is designed as the Terrazza Originale but built with a roof overhang. The benefits of this are especially useful if you need to fit a glass veranda to a patio, but you want the roof to stretch beyond the front posts.

Our Weinor glass veranda collection is designed to be completely modular. At any point in construction, you can integrate side glazing elements to the glass veranda to change it into a glass room. It is entirely up to you!

A match made in heaven

Choose from a wide range of styles, shapes, colours and patterns to make your new patio roof a match made in heaven for your home, garden and personality. Weinor patio roofs distinguish themselves because of their elegant design and smooth look and feel. Thanks to our modular construction design, they can be adapted to larger, more complex constructions, with many models and options to select.

Find the right Terrazza system for your tastes or to fit a particular solution from a broad range of roof shapes and designs. A Terrazza can be used for many different functions. It can be used as the canopy for building entries, patios, conservatories or even the cellar stairs.

Right out in nature

The glass roof structure of a Weinor Terrazza can transform your living room or dining space into an extension. You will be able to enjoy eating meals or relaxing in your garden right into the Autumn. A Weinor Terrazza patio roof can shield you from the wind, rain and adverse weather conditions. A robust, waterproof design safely protects the furniture and fittings on the patio. They can stay outside without risking damage from the elements.

A Weinor patio roof is desirable for its sleek, aesthetic design coupled with a well built, sturdy construction that can be adapted to fit a solution. The many different specifications and designs we have on offer ensure that our patio roofs can perfectly match houses of all styles and ages.

Choice of Roof Styles

Weinor Terrazza Pent roof – Type A
Pent roof – Type A

Weinor Terrazza Sloping pent roof – Type B
Sloping pent roof – Type B

Weinor Terrazza Plus model with roof overhang and integrated guttering
Terrazza Plus model with roof overhang and integrated guttering

Weinor Terrazza Trapezium-shaped roof sloping to eaves – Type C
Trapezium-shaped roof sloping to eaves – Type C


Choice of Guttering

Terrazza Plus

Roof overhang, integrated guttering

Weinor Terrazza Originale Guttering

Terrazza Originale No roof overhang, integrated guttering

Frame Colours

With an attractive, sophisticated style and gloss finish, we offer 47 standard RAL colour tones to choose, and Weinor provides an extra option of 9 scratchproof colours (WiGa). Alongside our fabric choices, we provide a comprehensive range of personalisation options for customising your awning. If you need more choice to get what you want, we can powder any RAL colour into the awning for a small surcharge. We can give you the flexibility to match your house’s design aesthetics, or to match associated brand colours for business awnings.


Weinor Terrazza Accessories

Weinor offers a wide variety of choices and modifications for your ideal awning design.

  • We can fit the following items to suit a Weinor Terrazza seamlessly.
  • Weinor Paravento side blind awning accessory
  • Tempura Heater
  • Weinor Glasoase Lighting Bars
  • LED Lighting
  • Paravento Side Blind


Delivering the exceptional

We’re passionate about creating the outdoor living space of your dreams, delivered with great customer service.

Outstanding service

Our expert designers will listen carefully to your specific needs and ideas. They will be with you throughout the design and installation process.

10 Year Guarantee

All our glass verandas and glass rooms carry a ten-year framework guarantee from the date of installation.

European Based Products

Our German and Italian manufacturers produce quality products to the highest standards that are tailor made to your requirements.


Weinor Glass Rooms

Recognized as Glasoasen in Germany, other names for Weinor glass rooms can include: Winter garden room, open glass room, and glass garden rooms. Our modular design allows our customers to combine Weinor Terrazza Plus veranda roofs with side glazings elements to create a unique glass room.

Choose from fixed glazing or sliding doors for your glass room. We ensure our Weinor products offer the broadest range of customisation and personalisation options to fit any design situation.

Weinor Glasoase

A stunning Glasoase room provides an aesthetic and naturalistic transition from inside to outside. Imagine walking through the room filled with sunlight and picture the breathtaking unobscured view of your garden and the skies above.

Constructed in Germany, a Weinor Glasoase room consists of modular design. The Terrazza patio roof can be mounted with other side glazing elements to create an all-glass conservatory. The design functions are created to cater to your needs and every circumstance imaginable. We offer a nearly endless amount of options in all, colours, shapes and sizes so that you can create a remarkable expansion to a room that personalised to suit you and your home and its feng shui.

  • Created and produced in Germany to suit your needs
  • A durable structure of aluminium and protective glass
  • Inbuilt drainage
  • 56 colour choices for the frame
  • Combine fixed and moving vertical glazed components to fit your perfect design
  • Ten years warranty available on service quality and craftsmanship

Weinor Glasoase Features

Weinor Glasoase Design:

  • A warm winter space that connects to the outside
  • Glamorous Terrazza aluminium roof with support posts at the front with in-built guttering
  • The Terrazza room uses 8 mm laminated glass for protection.
  • Fifty-six colours for the frame.

Accessories and design options:

  • Remotely controlled LED light bars
  • Super Lite glazing
  • Sliding vertical glazing.
  • Vertical fixed glazing.
  • Remotely activated light cover & temperature control
  • Remotely controlled under-mounted fabric canopy

A Clear Winner

When needed, the glass components of a Weinor Glasoase can be opened and closed in several different ways. Our multipurpose folding partition offers absolute versatility of movement. These can be moved into flat, or V-positions opened to the left or right, and it can be extended around corners. The glass structural components are built combined with fixed glazing, and this is to leave an unobscured view without spoiling it with bulky frames.


The sturdy design of a Weinor Glasoase room is built to protect against severe adverse weather conditions such as gale-force winds, hail and strong UV-light. On cold days, all the sunlight passes unobstructed through the glass and heats the Glasoase room rapidly. Alongside with an in build tempura heater that we can offer to let the glass room heat up faster in winter.

Our Glasoase rooms are designed not to be airtight. Air circulation helps reduce heat building up like a greenhouse and can remove condensed moisture trapped inside the large panes. Upon request a non-electrical ventilation system can be built in the structure as per the customers’ requirements.

Many clients tend to couple a glass room with a protective roof shade with sunblocking fabric that ensures the sunlight doesn’t dazzle the eyes when enjoying the scenery. The light screen can also decrease excessive heat building in the Glasoase room Weinor Glass rooms are built of from sturdy aluminium alloys that allow for excellent longevity, streamlined look and maximum transparency through unobscured glass panels.

Visible Benefits

As compared to a traditional conservatory, a Glasoase has clear benefits:

  • It requires no lengthy preparation before construction.
  • Planning approvals are issued more quickly and conveniently.
  • No legislative energy requirements need to be observed
  • Dynamic natural heating allows a glass room to be used throughout the year and in temperate winter months
  • Our Glasoase rooms are about 30 per cent cheaper to construct than a normal aluminium conservatory. You can avoid the additional high cost of floor heating unlike with a traditional living room extension
  • Our specially designed aluminium frames minimise obstructions to a view on your beautiful gardenful. With a Weinor glass room, you get a better panoramic view with more daylight flooding in and better visibility.
  • The modular construction we employ is very cost-efficient. In phases, the consumer can install the patio roof and side screens, until the room has been completed glazed right around.
  • A more straightforward construction design means less room for typical builder errors such as gaps between panes where can condense and accumulate. The elegant design on a Weinor Glasoasis prevents this from happening.
  • Experience the fresh air and cool breeze. Compared to a traditional conservatory, a Glasoase has a closer and more intimate relationship with nature. Thanks to its construction, the panoramic view gives a more stimulating atmosphere.
  • Our method of construction for a Glasoase complies with all standards and regulations.

Weinor Glasoase Accessories

Weinor offers a broad array of products and options for perfecting your glass room to your tastes. The following accessories can be fitted by us into your Weinor Glasoase installation.

Frame Colours

With an attractive, sophisticated style and gloss finish, we offer 47 standard RAL colour tones to choose. For no additional expense, Weinor provides an extra option of 9 scratchproof colours (WiGa).

Alongside our fabric choices, we offer an extensive range of personalisation options for customising your awning. If you need more choice to get what you want, we can powder any RAL colour into the roof cover for a small surcharge. We can give you the flexibility to match your house’s design aesthetics, or to match associated brand colours for business awnings.


Glass Rooms & Extensions

A Weinor glass room is designed so that you can enjoy your garden or patio in all seasons. A Glasoase room is a personally tailored modular design used to construct a unique outdoor space that extends from pre-existing rooms in the house such as the kitchen or living area. We can plan and build a space to be completely enclosed from inclement weather such as wind and rain. Alternatively, you can choose to incorporate rotating or sliding vertical panels.

The components that we construct to surround the sides of the Glasoase are fabricated entirely from glass to give you a full panoramic view of your outside space. A Weinor glass room lets you enjoy your garden seamlessly from the inside.


Shading Solutions for your Glass Veranda or Glass Room

Choose from a variety of finalisation options when you buy a Glass Veranda or Glasoase Room from our Weinor selection.

Pick the Sottezza Optistretch option for a mounted cover under the rooftop to manage excess heat and shade from above. Or, you may decide on the Weinor WGM Top for a rooftop cover that can be mounted on the outside.

Go a step further for even more control over the light and heat levels and opt to install our Weinor side screens. If you want extra privacy, then this is the option for you. All our shades and covers are 100% remote controlled. You can have total control over the lights and heat coming into a Weinor Glasoase room. We even have an automatic control that adjusts the covers to manage light levels at different times of the day or to maintain a constant temperature in the room.

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  • A Weinor glass room is unequalled in elegance & functionality,
  • Built, tailored and personalised to your needs
  • Lots of updates and improvements continually being created
  • Cheaper to construct than a regular aluminium conservatory
  • Use our virtual rendering to plan your ideal glass room creation to suit your home or business
  • A frameless unobscured spectacular view of your outside space
  • Free design evaluation and no obligation quotations available when you contact us.

Technical Consultation

Our design software allows us to give an accurate cost assessment when creating a Weinor patio roof or a Glasoase room. We can provide real-time quotes as a client picks choices step by step on layout and accessories. You can tailor your unique glass room to be equipped with all the added extras or design it to fit your budget.



Our team of professional designers give you the opportunity to talk through your ideas on the go. We never push people to buy our products or spend more than they want to. Our long industry experience designing and building Glass rooms, and Verandas means that we frequently undertake highly customised, unique projects for commercial and domestic situations. We have the capability to take on any demand asked from us.



We will create the 3D rendering of your design and a final quote after addressing each of your requirements. This quoted price is a fixed promise, and we will never alter it after or during a glass rooms construction. We guarantee that the Gasoase is created to millimetre accuracy by performing survey that gives us the precise measurements.



After confirmation of the construction date, the precision-engineered components are shipped directly from our Weinor suppliers in Cologne. The building process typically takes under five working days to complete. We pride ourselves on the quickest installation time in Britain with our industry experience and fully optimised construction strategy.

Weinor Glass Rooms & Glass Verandas

Why choose Weinor and The Glass Room Company

Founded in Cologne, Germany Weinor are internationally renowned and highly celebrated awning and glass room designer and manufacturer. They incorporate years of industry knowledge in their frame and material designs.


For over a decade the Outdoor Living Group has collaborated in a partnership with Weinor and distributed and built thousands of products.

We decide on Weinor as our best colleagues in business, we understand from experience working with the goods that they endure without problems for years on end. All our inspectors and technicians are qualified and accredited by Weinor.

  • Outstanding German construction
  • Stylish, aesthetic designs
  • An all-glass structure to maximise on panoramic views
  • Roof designs and covers to meet your demands
  • Optional devices and remote control functionality for heat and shade

German Engineering Excellence for your outdoor living

Weinor is a prize-winning business that manufactures elegant and stylish glass products of the highest quality. Our unique designs are planned, tailored and crafted, especially for you. The team of experienced designers and engineers we employ always ensures that the build components are delivered in top quality condition and are built to withstand the harshest adverse weather conditions. We make sure our Glass rooms and glass verandas can provide you with pleasure and enjoyment all year long. For over five decades, Weinor’s main priority has been to offer and give customers a better standard of living throughout the home and outside it.

Create a bright natural atmosphere in your house with glass room products that utilise the sunshine, trees, skies, and the stunning views onto your garden. Weinor components use stainless steel screws and fixings. The joins for the awnings are manufactured from of a specially forged aluminium alloy that never rusts. Weinor prides itself on delivering goods that can endure the worst of what the seasons can throw at it.

A Glasoase room can offer you full control on your new luxury patio with the option to install a glass panel sliding door. Whether you want to be protected from the weather or enjoy a sunny day with a cool breeze, these doors offer excellent weather coverage, and due to elegant frameless design, you can always appreciate an unobscured panoramic view on nature in your garden.

Weinor Quality and Innovation in product design

Made with durable engineering, a combination of technology, top-grade components, and expertly designed architecture, Weinor’s Terrazza patio roof and Glasoase rooms are built to last.

For over 50 years, Weinor has consistently been setting the industry standards with their great ingenuity in architectural design. The inspired modular construction of a Terrazza patio roof means at any point during or after construction it can be developed into full Glasoase room.

Elegance, consistency and the opportunity for creative freedom are integrated into every aspect of its design. Our creative directive is to create aesthetically pleasing styles and forms, and we believe that the Weinor Terrazza patio roof distinguishes itself on a sleek design suits traditional, modern and avant-garde facades.


Philosophy and Passion – Engineers and Quality Enthusiasts

A Weinor glass room is sure to appeal with our efficient and sophisticated manufacturing processes at an ideal price point compared to our competition. Their primary motivation for over five decades has been to improve a customers quality of life with aesthetic glass structures that bring out the best from home and garden. We pride ourselves on our abilities to create a bright natural atmosphere with products and accessories that fit seamlessly into the installation. We make unobscured glass designs that harness the natural sunshine and beautiful aesthetics in your back garden.

Weinor pride themselves on top-quality innovative designs and exceptional customer service. We provide the utmost levels of customisation and personalisation. This is what the Weinor label means, and our systems are the forefront of innovation amongst all our competitors.

Although many rivals talk about consistency, Weinor delivers on it with devotion and expertise that has kept it the market leader for over 50 years.

Exceptional Quality of Service

Weinor makes top-quality products, and you can only purchase their designs from accredited distributors like The Outdoor Living Group to guarantee the best service that a customer deserves. Weinor entrusts the whole purchasing process to us to make sure that each step from consultation to construction is in the skilled hands of the professional technicians at The Outdoor Living Group. We ensure that assembling and installation are performed safely following legislative requirements. We also can offer a five-year warranty for domestic construction projects.

Find Out More

The Outdoor Living Group are certified associates and distributors of Weinor glass in Britain. For over 18 years we have been supplying Weinor products to customers in Surrey and surrounding counties that include Hampshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Sussex, Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire.

For advice and design measurements for your patio installation, we offer a no-charge visit. Please call us or fill out the contact form found on our Weinor PDF brochure.


How much does a Weinor glass room typically cost?

Since a Glasoase which is another name for Weinor Glas Rooms room are fully tailor-made, there is not a typical price. The total size affects the price and whether you choose fixed glass panels or doors and other finishing touched like lighting, heating and shading products. However, as an example, a typical Weinor Glass Room with measurements 4 m x 2.5 m will cost from £16,000.00 with the price of construction and VAT included.

Are foundations required for a glass Room?

No, unlike a traditional conservatory our Glass Rooms do not require a substantial foundation. A Glass Room only requires simple and discreet concrete pads to support the legs, and no other foundations are needed.

Should I get planning permission for building a Glasoase room?

Generally no. A glass room is typically classified under permitted development, this means you would usually not need a permit to construct a glass space for your own home. Nonetheless, it would be best if you took the time to research any restrictions in your local area that might interfere. These restrictions can apply to different locations, size of the installation and listed buildings.

What materials are Glass Rooms constructed from?

Our glass rooms are constructed from aluminium and have a powder-coated finish for extreme durability. This structure can be finished in any RAL colour to achieve the desired colour scheme. The glass in the roof is 10.8mm laminated glass and side glazing elements are toughened glass which is also known as tempered glass.