January 27, 2019

Contemporary Verandas

The outdoor appendages, such as verandas and porches of our homes and dwellings are an important consideration when designing or renovating. Architects must take many factors into consideration including style and up to date trends which have also changed and evolved greatly through time.

January 5, 2019

A Space For All Seasons

A sun room is an American term for a stylish open, glazed space that offers access to extra natural light and green views, in other words a glass room. It can also be referred to as a solarium, a winter room, patio room, patio conservatory, sun porch, sun parlour, garden conservatory, garden room, patio room. It is a room that is either integrated or attached to the primary building such as an office or residency. It functions as a comfortable relaxing exterior space whilst also providing an extension to the outdoors and regardless of the climate or weather; a room to relax, grow plants and watch nature all year round.