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    A Glass Veranda in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

    Sometimes we have to think outside the box when designing a solution for our customer’s requirements. This was exactly the case with this patio glass veranda.


    Construction of a parapet wall to allow for a larger Glass Veranda


    The perfect environment to entertain in any weather


    Accessories including an under-mounted awning, LED lighting and Hesters

    Customer Vision

    The main objective for us was a large area to allow them to dine outside and also cover our table tennis table. We really wanted to go across the full width of our house but due to the side extension did not think this would be possible as the two other companies who quoted said it could not be done. We also wanted to be able to add to the veranda at a later stage to create a full winter garden room.

    The Design & install

    This patio veranda install was definitely not a standard install but that was not an issue for us. Straight away we impressed our client with our solution of building a parapet wall on the right-side extension roof gable to allow us to continue the patio veranda across the full width.

    This work included us using in-house fitters who are qualified to carry out this type of works due to their building experience. We also adjusted the existing drainage to make sure the rainwater was able to disburse quickly.

    The Patio Veranda was designed to have four posts so removed the need for a central post whilst maximising the opening in the centre.

    All of our glass verandas utilise the same roof system used for our Glass Garden rooms which meant the customers requirement to be able to ass side glazing in the future was possible.

    Finally, we finished off the patio veranda with an under-mounted roof shade, LED roof beam lights and a heater that are all controlled from a single remote control.


    Mr & Mrs Menezes


    Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire


    6.0m x 3.5m


    Glass Veranda

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